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Live Review: Sworn To Oath, The Borderline

Midland metal outfit Sworn To Oath make an inordinate amount of noise for a three piece band. The brutal wall of sound of opener ‘Free Me’ doesn’t let up until the band exit the Borderline’s stage after thirty minutes, leaving waves of tinnitus in the ears of the crowd.

Sworn To Oath live at The Borderline

Having played hundreds of gigs Sworn To Oath are tight and well practised, extending their tunes with killer jams. On “Forever Hurting” and “Holding On” the lean and heavy riffs are counter balanced with melodic hooks and catchy choruses.

The pace is slowed only briefly for the Sabbath-style doom rock of “Gave In To God”, a highlight of their debut album Pillars, before the set is brought to a close with the iron groove of “Outcast” and the thunderous “Crosses”.

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