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Interview: Dan Booth, Ferocious Dog

We recently caught up with Dan Booth, fiddler with festival favourites Ferocious Dog.

Dan Booth, Ferocious Dog

Give our readers an introduction to your band.
We’re Ferocious Dog from Nottingham. We’re a 6 piece modern folk band who like to give our crowds a high energy set. We’re very political. We despise the Government and the M.O.D but we love the British soldiers. Our fans know why.

Our band consists of Ken Bonsall on vocals, myself on violin, Ellis Waring on banjo, mandolin and guitar, Paul Pritchard on drums, John Alexander on bass and Les Carter recently joined Ferocious Dog on electric guitar since his former band Carter USM did their final show last month.

You’re about to record your second album which is due in April. What can we expect?
We go away in February to record our second album with Matt Terry and you can expect more of the same but perhaps with a more polished and experienced finish to the album. It’ll have the same energy as the first album. We expect with Les being on guitar it’ll have a certain added something but you’ll have to wait until its release in April.

You play a lot of festivals every year. What are your favourites and why?
This year we particularly enjoyed Beautiful Days down in Devon. We played the coveted Big Top at 2pm on the Saturday and it was rammed to capacity. 4000 people singing your songs with you is quite a special moment.

Ferocious Dog tour 2015

You’ve also run your own Dogfest festival near Nottingham. Who were the highlights this year?
Dogfest is a special 500 capacity indoor festival which we run and sold out on the two occasions we did it. This year we had the likes of ourselves, Mark Chadwick, Rev Hammer, Hobo Jones and the Junkyard Dogs. All the acts were incredible but Gaz Brookfield was my highlight. He was adored by the crowd and rightly so because he put on a masterclass of how to play solo.

What’s your best festival memory?
Probably Bearded Theory in 2012. We felt like a real band that year and knew that we’d grow from it.

What’s you worst festival memory!?
The 27 hour return road trip to play Belladrum in Inverness. Cracking gig and festival, but such a horrid journey. There were a few arguments and tired heads on our tour bus and I think we learned a lot about our fuses that trip.

Ferocious Dog

Ferocious Dog are completely independent. You can help fund their new album by ordering it in advance at the discounted rate of £8.50. All pre-orders will be signed by the band.

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