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Rebellion Festival

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6 August - 9 August 2015
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Misfits to headline Rebellion Festival 2015

Boomtown Rats
Sham 69
Hugh Cornwell
The Sweet
Neville Staple
The Rezillos
The Business
UK Subs
Arthur Brown
Ferocious Dog, King Prawn, Chelsea, Blood Or Whiskey, Control, Demob, Drongos For Europe, Dysphonia, Emergency Bitter, Evil Blizzard, Fire Exit, Interrobang, MDC, Russia's Riot Gang, The Chords, The Decline, The Straps, The Terraces, Vice Squad, Victims Of Circumstance, Wonk Unit, Argy Bargy, Newtown Neurotics, Special Duties, The Restarts, Booze & Glory, Anti System, Last Seen Laughing, Gimp Fist, Splodgenessabounds, Drongos For Europe, Red Alert, The Warriors, Section 5, Maid Of Ace, Dirtbox Disco, Geoffrey Oi!Cott, The Ramonas, In Evil Hour, External Menace, Crashed Out, Brassick, The Roughneck Riot, Disturbance, The Cundeez, Rock And Roll Gypsies, The Bar Stool Preachers, Spunk Volcano And The Eruptions, Dysphonia, The Reverends, Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man, 2nd District, 4130's, A-Heads, Alcohol Licks, A-M-I, Japan's Anger Flares, Angry Itch, Autopsy Boys, Bastards on Parade, Borrowed Time, Brains All Gone, Choking Susan, Citizen Fish, Coitus, Cretin 77, Crisis Warning, Culture Shock, Derita Sisters, Desperate Measures, Dragster, Featherz, Fish Hook, Frantic Flintstones, Funeral Dress, Glitter Trash, Gone And Lost It, Guitar Gangsters, Hannah Rickard, HDQ, Headstone Horrors, Heavy Metal Kids, Indecent Assault, Johnny Moped, Knock Off, Kopek Millionaires, Ming City Rockers, No Thrills, On Trial, Paranoid Visions, Partisans, Pete Bentham & The Dinner Ladies, Poison Idea, Police Bastard, Potential Threat, Random Hand, Resistance 77, Rhythmites, Skaciety, Skizofrenik, Spirit Bomb, Strengh in Blunders, Subhumans, System of Hate, T & The Mugs, Talisman, The Antiseptics, The Creepshow, The Domestics, The Kingcrows, The Lurkers, The Mob, The Skeptix, The Three Johns, Viki Vortex And The Cumshots, The Manc Lads, Wasted

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