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4 July - 6 July 2014
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Sleigh Bells to headline Blissfields festival

Sleigh Bells
Dub Pistols
Hercules And Love Affair
Gentleman's Dub Club
Chloe Howl
Dan Croll
Luke Sital-Singh
Nick Mulvey
Wolf Alice
Melt Yourself Down
Monki, Gypsy Disco, Ry X, Famy, Subgiant, Cosmo Sheldrake, Flyte, TCTS, Chris T-T, Electric Swing Circus, Beans on Toast, Alex Walker, Ally Wolf, Animal, Bela Takes Chase, Bellyeyesmile, Ben Goddard, Ben Paul, Benny Page, Beth McCarthy, Bigtopp, Bitr8, Black Kat Boppers, Bombs, Bonsai Pirates, Buddhist Punkz, Burning Idols, Charlie Ayliffe, Cholombian (DJ set), Dale Allen, Dave Miatt, Dead Proud, Deadbeat Disco, Dr Meaker, Echotape, ESPA, Fauxlo, Firefarm, Fish Hook, Alex Vargas, Franklin & James, Fawn, Freeway Mad, Ghouls, Giles Whiteley, Headsessions Soundsystem, Hentai Babies, Jimi Needles, Josh Savage, Jungle Doctors, Juturna, Lex, Listening Party, Luke Ferre Band, Mary Miss Fairy, Maths And The Moon, Matt Jarvis, Matt Perriment, Matty Lah, Maxin DJs, Mem & Kamikaze Love, Morgan Hislop, New Desert Blues, Nick Mulvey, Nick Tann, One Step Too Late, Paul Diello, Paul Sawyer, PolyBlank, Psychedelia DJs, Sai, Sam Brothers, Sam Cotton, Science Of Eight Limbs, Sworthy, Tacit Tone, The Boy I Used to Be, The Great Malarkey, The Great One, The Raged, The St Pierre Snake Invasion, Thequickandthedead, Tom Lowman, Transgressive Soundsystem, Uber Tone, Will Tun And The Wasters, Willow, Youngskin, Spector, Bipolar Sunshine, Dan Croll, Kyan, Will ChuMp, Matt Clark, Little Chief, Nellie, Johnny Flynn, Kidnap Kid, Thumpers, Years And Years, Laurel, Burning Beaches, Pachango, Pandora's Jukebox, Little Brother Eli, Erika, Moral Panics, The B Of The Bang, Brother Goose, Dan Hayes & Angry Dan Munro, Digits McPhee, Alex The Kidd, DJ Envious Mind, Radio Active Bones, Sam 'Killaman' Jago & Jack Curtis, Shotaway, Rejenr8, Diarmo & L'Aubaine, Doktor Mohlberg, Seb Marx, Chromatouch, Wub World, K.M.P, Danzai, Eclair FiFi, Gang Colours, Hallouminati, Soundtracks, Tom Lowman, Edd Donovan And The Wondering Moles, Head North!, Bite The Buffalo, Tiki Taane & Jayson Norris, Hollie Smith, Jake Gauntlet, Floella Grace, Lily Juniper, Ward Thomas, Bruno Major, Will Varley, Itchy Teeth, KSH & The Going Goods, Frankie Forman, Little Robyn And The Mob, Gaz Brookfield, Grant Sharkey

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