Festival Flash

Festival Essentials

Going to your first festival this year? Scared? Well fear no more, here’s our guide to the essentials you need to take.

1. Tent

Festival camp site

Well duh. You’re going to be sleeping in a field for a long weekend, so if you don’t already have a tent buy a half decent one. That Argos £10 special might seem like a bargain in the shop, but it will feel a lot less of one when it leaks after the summery British heavens open up soaking every item of clothing you’ve taken and washing the ink right out of your bank notes.

If you’re getting a new tent, we suggest putting it up in your garden once before you go – there’s nothing worse than arriving at a dark festival campsite after drinking a few cans of cider and said British summer rain soaking everything you’ve brought as it takes you hours to tell the difference between a ridge pole and an eave pole.

Oh, and if you do opt for a cheap tent, don’t be the jerk who leaves it behind.