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Albums Of The Year 2014

Over the next few days Festival Flash HQ will be rounding up our favourite ten albums of 2014. Drum roll…

10. Afrikan Boy, The ABCD

Afrikan Boy The ABCD

MC Afrikan Boy is an incredibly charismatic performer, one of the highlights of WOMAD festival this summer. His live energy translated well to record, with his afro hip hop debut album featuring ridiculously catchy raps about shoplifting from Lidl, the trials of border control and how to spell his name (it’s with a K!).

WOMAD Festival

9. Temples, Sun Structures

Temples Sun Structures

On Sun Structures Temples channeled summery sixties psyche into contemporary guitar pop, perfect for festival consumption. They’ve toured the festival circuit extensively over the last few years, highlights being sets at Festival Number 6 and Lunar Festival, where they shared the bill with lysergic pop hero Donovan.

Festival Number 6

8. Wiley, Snakes And Ladders

Wiley Snakes And Ladders

Wiley might not be a huge outdoor festival fan given his Glastonbury Twitter meltdown last year (“fuck a rainy festival on the West Country”), but on his tenth album he eschewed major label pop to deliver the grime goods, so try to catch him live at sunnier events next year.


7. Beck, Morning Phase

Beck Morning Phase

It’s taken an unusually long six years for Beck to deliver his twelfth album, his pace slowed by a back injury, but the wait was worth it: Morning Phase is melancholy Sunday morning comedown folk in the vein of Sea Change, another Beck classic. Given his brilliant Festival Number 6 headline slot and recent live covers of “I Feel Love” and “Billie Jean”, we can’t wait for his next “more boisterous” album and more festival appearances next year.

Festival Number 6

6. Jungle, Jungle


Jungle were the most hyped band of 2014, but their debut album lived up to expectations delivering razor sharp indie neo soul. It was released shortly after a Great Escape festival set which saw The Haunt in Brighton packed to the steamy rafters and a Glastonbury set which proved they had the tunes and stage presence to get a huge crowd up moving and grooving.

The Great Escape

Part Two