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Album Review: Royal Blood

Royal Blood

Royal Blood’s debut album lands a day after their storming set on the NME stage at Leeds festival. If you managed to squeeze into that packed tent, you were lucky to witness one of the bona fide ”I was there” moments of the 2014 festival season. So, does the album live up to the hype?

The album’s lean, bluesy garage rock distils the Black Keys and Queens Of The Stone Age rock, with Jack White’s production values. The sounds which Mike Kerr wrenches out of a bass strung with guitar strings are unbelievable, all underpinned by Ben Thatcher’s piston-like drumming. They’re a muscular, two man riff machine and the album is littered with hooks, notably the five note intro to Ten Tonne Skeleton and the opening riff to Out Of The Black. You’re guaranteed to be hearing these tunes on bigger stages next festival season, so check the album out.

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